Hi, we're Adrian, Alex,
Luke and Nic
- four friends from
Melbourne, Australia.

Like all Australians, we were surprised to hear that the founder of Wikileaks was running for a seat in our state's Senate. And like many Australians, we didn't know how we felt about it.

So we created this website to give voters a diverse set of arguments for why Julian Assange should AND should not become an Australian Senator.

We hope the site helps you and others make an informed decision on September 7th.

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About the Belief Bytes

Completely eliminating bias is impossible. But we’ve tried to reduce our impact by ensuring the Belief Bytes, and the order you view them, are randomly selected from both curated and crowd-sourced contributions.

That means we’re also seeking your help. If you would like to submit a Belief Byte with evidence that backs it up, email it to submit@decideonassange.com Use the other Belief Bytes as a guide.

About Anonymity

To uphold your privacy, we will never ask for your personal details or voting preference.

About Our Disclaimer

This website aims to provide an impartial tool for discussion and the sharing of ideas. The creators of this website do not personally endorse the information, views or opinions contained in this website. Due to the crowd-sourced nature of contributions to the website, the information, views and opinions have been provided from a range of sources that are not independently verified. The creators of this website do not accept responsibility in relation to the accuracy of the information, views or opinions contained on the website. This website is not endorsed by Julian Assange, the Wikileaks Party or any other person or organisation.

Special thanks to Louis and Alex J. for their help with the video.